Mission Statement

Tri Faster provides professional coaching to triathletes, endurance athletes and fitness minded individuals of all ability levels in both group and individual settings. We believe in creating a welcoming and fun workout climate where you can connect with your inner athlete, exceptional coaches, like-minded individuals who want more out of life, and ultimately with your own personal goals.

In addition to one-on-one coaching with professional Coach Lauren Jensen, Tri Faster offers workouts in a team setting. Achieving goals together helps everyone from beginners to Ironman and podium finishers strengthen their mental and physical abilities, enabling them to become their ultimate best.

Our History


In 2006, Tri Faster was started by Coach Lauren Jensen to offer professional coaching to individuals of all abilities and fitness levels. Prior to establishing Tri Faster, Lauren worked as a Physical Therapist, raced 17 years as a professional triathlete and owned and operated two other coaching businesses.

Tri Faster’s concentration is on designing programs that help you reach your goals efficiently, while keeping the big picture on your health. Originally Tri Faster focused on swimming and triathlon clinics along with one-on-one coaching. As the company grew, races and training groups around the country began to hire Coach Lauren to provide lectures and custom clinics. In addition, expert coaches were brought on and additional programs were added. We now offer a full line of programs appropriate for beginners through elite athletes.

By 2012, Tri Faster was helping hundreds of athletes per year achieve their fitness and athletic goals. To formalize a community that was already being built, Team Tri Faster was started. This welcoming team is open to all ages and abilities. We join together to train, race, socialize and celebrate life.

With Tri Faster’s great reputation, Aurora Healthcare contracted Tri Faster to provide the coaching for Team Phoenix, which is a team of female breast cancer survivors training for their first triathlon. Under the direction of Tri Faster coaching, this program is such a success that it has coached 125 women over their first triathlon finish line.

As Tri Faster’s reputation grew, they expanded their reach even further. In 2014, they partnered with Wheel & Sprocket to create the Wheel & Sprocket Training Hub. This program offers indoor cycling at all seven Wheel & Sprocket locations and served over 500 riders in the first year. Coach Lauren created the Training Hub curriculum, trained all the coaches and wrote each workout for this program.

As Tri Faster is growing, we keep evolving and responding to your individualized needs. Our history is still being built!