Jim Cummins has a MS of Engineering from UW-Milwaukee and works full-time as an engineer. Previously, Jim taught Digital Logic at UW-Milwaukee. We are fortunate that Jim now spends his free time coaching indoor cycling for us through the Wheel & Sprocket Training Hub.

Jim is a self-admitted late bloomer. He admits to failing a semester of physical education in high school yet he went on to run sub three hours at the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon. Coming from a strong running background, Jim needed to learn how to swim and buy a bike to participate in his first triathlon. His learning curve was rapid as he went on to complete five Ironman races and numerous other triathlons.

Jim credits Tri Faster Coaching for advancing him to a level where he is competitive in his age group. He is a big fan of the Tri Faster Train Stronger, Tri Faster Run Circuit and Cycling classes.