Susie is a UW-Madison graduate with a degree in Communication Arts. She currently works as a Technical Trainer at a company that creates and sells products to banks. Her job has her traveling quite a bit so occasionally Susie doesn’t know what time zone she’s in.

In 2005, Susie went from taking spin classes at the gym to riding her bike across Iowa (RAGBRAI)!  Not stopping there, in 2006, she entered the wonderful world of triathlon. Since then, she has done many triathlons, two more RAGBRAIs and running races ranging from 5k to marathons.

Susie also enjoys kickboxing, strength training, and spending time with her beloved Peter and their sweet dog, Foxy. Susie says that cycling makes her feel like a little kid again. As a Training Hub Coach, she will share her playful love of cycling with everyone who comes to her class.