Tri Faster Fitness Raiser Challenge

Raise your fitness throughout the month in honor of a local worthy cause. It is VERY simple – Sign up, Choose your Cause, then start Raising Your Fitness. There is NO fundraising involved on your part and this is open to anyone of ALL fitness abilities! Our Charity Partners include Team Phoenix, Girls on the Run of Greater Milwaukee and the Wisconsin chapter of My Team Triumph.  You can read more about these charities by the website links below. 
When you register for the Challenge, $10 will automatically be donated to the Charity you choose from the three options.  The additional proceeds from this event will be put in a pool of money.  Throughout the Challenge there will be opportunities to earn an extra donation for your selected Charity from this pool of money.  As an incentive to keep you on task, the remaining proceeds at the end of the Challenge will be divided among the groups based on the performance of yourself and others in the Challenge.
This Challenge will be held from February 12- March 11. It is designed by Professional Coach and Physical Therapist, Lauren Jensen.  Each day there will be three training components to the challenge –  Strength Exercises, Aerobic Training, and Lifestyle habits. This Challenge is structured in a way that anyone can participate no matter what your starting fitness level is. There is the option to stay improve your motivation by connecting with others in this Challenge via a Private Facebook group. 
Take the first step is raising your fitness and raising money for Charity.  Right now – raise your fingers and use them to register for the Tri Faster February Fitness Raiser.  Let’s do this together!  :) Coach Lauren

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Challenge Starts Feb. 12!

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