Amy is an experienced triathlete, a sports nutrition guru, and a phenomenal coach. Amy came on board as a coach to the Team Phoenix program where she helped forty-seven cancer survivors cross the finish line of their first triathlon. Amy is now a certified Training Hub coach and will also be co-developing some new innovative Tri Faster programs with Coach Lauren.

Working in corporate America for more than a decade, Amy knows what it feels like to be trapped behind a desk, frustrated and trapped in a “soft” body. She knew exercising and better nutrition was the answer, but was too overwhelmed to take action. Desperately needing a change, she turned her healthy-living lifestyle into a career.

Amy has been competing in triathlons since 2008, having finished distances from sprint to Ironman. Her vision is to empower endurance athletes to embrace their infinite courage, intuition, strength, and power through knowledge and purposeful practice.