Hillary swam competitively from age 4 through college and also ran varsity track in high school. As part of her Shorewood High School’s girls’ swim team, Hillary helped her team win four consecutive WIAA Division II state championships and was fortunate to have trained with some exceptional athletes and coaches. She is a graduate of Pepperdine University with a degree in international business. While in college, Hillary swam competitively with specialties in distance freestyle and the 200 fly, serving as co-captain her senior year. In her final year, she also trained with the Women’s Cross Country Team.

Hillary also has a master of divinity degree from Fuller Theological Seminary. While living in Pasadena, she would stay in shape by running around the Rose Bowl. Following graduation and ordination, Hillary served as a minister of Saint Jacobi Congregational Church for 10 years.

Hillary enjoys reading, traveling, creative writing, technology, cooking, and spending time with her husband, Andy, and their three children. Hillary says that swimming makes her feel at peace. She shares that a good workout allows the troubles of the world seem to melt away and everything that is important comes together. Hillary loves swimming because it is a lifetime sport!