Join us for the cutting-edge Tri Faster Run Faster Clinic.  This 4-hour clinic will be led by two Physical Therapists- Lauren Jensen McGinnis, PT as well as Mary Drosen, PT.  The clinic will include videotaped running analysis and instruction in innovative running exercises and an effective run circuit to help you become a more efficient and faster runner.

Coach Lauren is a Professional Coach who has been helping runners of all abilities for over 25 years.  She practices what she preaches with training, as she has run a 3:02 marathon as well as a 37:30 for 10K.  Coach Lauren has won over 150 triathlons, participated in the Olympic Trials for Triathlon, has scored 6 National Champion titles and in 2018 became an Age Group Triathlon World Champion.  While Lauren knows how to train to race fast, the place she truly excels is in sharing what she knows to coach others to be the best that they can be.

Coach Mary has been practicing as a Physical Therapist in a Sports Medicine clinic for over 20 years.  Mary’s passion is teaching people how to move better with less pain, and she specializes in working with runners of all ages and abilities. Mary is an expert at utilizing high speed video capture allows her to analyze the biomechanical factors that may limit performance or cause injury and creating an individualized treatment program aimed at correcting those factors.   Mary helped Coach Lauren work on her running and become a 2018 Age Group World Champion Triathlete, even after having knee surgery and a severe ankle sprain in the months leading up to Worlds. 

 A portion of each clinic entry will be donated to the MSOE Women’s Triathlon Team to help fund their continued success!

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