Personal Coaching from Coach Lauren Jensen

In addition to our Group Workouts, Champion triathlete Lauren Jensen, PT offers one-on-one coaching services. She offers focused sports specific skill work and assists athletes in designing and modifying appropriate training plans. These personalized training programs are tailored to your needs, whether you are a beginner wishing to finish your first triathlon or an experienced triathlete wanting to set personal records.

Unlike other coaching companies, Tri Faster does not use canned training programs. Instead, Coach Lauren creates individualized plans based on your unique needs. Her services range from one-time consultations to extremely interactive coaching where she writes every workout based on your ongoing response to training.

Listed below are some examples of what we offer. If you are unsure what program is best for you, please contact Coach Lauren Jensen at or 414-430-2467.

Ultimate Online Coaching


Ultimate Online Coaching program offers a high level coaching service with frequent personal communication and close monitoring of your training.

Premium Online Coaching


The Monthly Online Coaching program is ideal for athletes who have worked with Coach Lauren in past seasons, who have a very consistent life schedule, and are rarely injured.

Quarterly Online Coaching


This is a great option for budget-conscious athletes who want the benefits of a customized training program, but have the independence and self-discipline to execute it with less ongoing Coach feedback.

Movement & Strength


Physical therapist and elite triathlete, Lauren Jensen, will assess your mobility and strength and watch you move. She will then design and teach you a strength-training program customized for your needs.

Ironman Training


Get the specific, highly personalized professional coaching that you need to jump start or immediately advance your fitness and training goals.