Do you need help improving your running form, speed and endurance? Then schedule a 1-on-1 skill session with Coach Lauren Jensen, Physical Therapist.

These 60-75-minute sessions will be customized to meet your needs. The following are examples of sessions that Coach Lauren offers to runners and triathletes:

  • Coaching of running form outside or on a treadmill using a videotaped analysis. Analysis is followed by instruction in running drills as well as mobility and strength exercises to improve your running.  In one case, after Coach Lauren helped someone run more efficiently she could run 4 mph faster than she could before the coaching!
  • Testing to determine running thresholds and Heart Zones and instruction in how to use this data to create the most effective training plan.
  • Helping with creating a complete strength program allowing a runner or triathlete maximum results.
  • Coaching for cross-country and other runners on race-course scouting, pacing and tactics to maximize race results.
  • Teaching someone how to progress from being a walker to being able to run 30:00 without stopping.
  • Prescribing the right combination of running and strength workouts to help runners break through to a new race distance or to improve their running speed.

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