This program will offer professionally coached, structured workouts to help you become a better runner this summer. Workouts will take place on the track at Martin Luther High School in Greendale, WI. All ability levels are invited as the workouts are structured in a way that everyone from beginners to podium finishers can improve their running ability, efficiency, endurance and speed.

This program will be led by Tri Faster Coaches including Jenny Thorpe who is a Certified Athletic Trainer and an Assistant Professor of Athletic training at Concordia University. Jenny is an avid runner and triathlete with extensive knowledge in helping runners improve their running gait.  The program will consist of running drills and intervals and each week will feature a different workout.

Choose from three workout options: 1) Beginner Runners, 2) Short Course Athletes – training for 5K, 10K, Aquathons or Sprint/Olympic Distance triathlons; and 3) Long Course Athletes – training for half or full marathons, and 70.3/Ironman or longer distance triathlons and duathlons.

The first hour of the workout will include a dynamic and a running warm-up, interval sets tailored to you and a cool down.  The final 10-15:00 will include stretching, foam rolling, targeted mobility and other Coach led activities to help your recovery. We understand if you need to leave early for work or other obligations so please do not let your schedule deter you from trying this GREAT program!

Both full session and drop-in registrations are available

There are showers that are available to use after the workouts, if needed.

Registration Details

Tuesdays June 11- Aug. 27

5:45-7:00 am Martin Luther High School Track

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