Private swim sessions are by appointment with Coach Lauren at local pools. These personalized sessions can be for one swimmer and up to four athletes of similar swimming ability attending together.

Expect fast results with these swim skill sessions. Coach Lauren has an uncanny way to get individuals rapidly swimming better. In one session lasting 60-75 minutes, she has taken a beginner swimmer from not knowing how to float to swimming an entire length of the pool.  She has also helped more advanced swimmers shave 10 or more seconds off their time for one length of the pool in only one swim session.

A typical consultation includes a written evaluation of your stroke as well as video-taped stroke feedback. After the assessment, the remaining time is spent working on drills that are specific to quickly correcting your specific swimming technique issues. This evaluation is performed using Lauren Jensen’s trademarked Swim Faster® approach to teaching swimming. Over 3000 swimmers have successfully improved their swimming with the help of Coach Lauren and this approach.

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