Coach Lauren Jensen has coached hundreds of athletes from the start to the finish line of their target Ironman events. She has coached everyone from athletes aspiring to finish under the 17-hour time limit too those she has coached to qualify for the Hawaii Ironman World Championships.

Lauren is Physical Therapist as well as a 2016 & 2017 Age Group National Champion Triathlete.  She has done eleven Ironman events with a personal best time of 9:49 and earned five podium finishes including being the second overall Female at Ironman Wisconsin twice, and placing third female overall at Ironman Brazil. When creating training programs, Coach Lauren combines her over thirty years of coaching endurance athletes with her experience as a Physical Therapist to create training that produce results instead of injuries.  You will find her training plans less time intensive than most Ironman plans out there, yet they work!  The bonus is that you can reach your Ironman goals without losing the rest of your priorities.
Off season the starting point is the Iron Foundation Consultation for the off season.  See details for this below.  Staring in January athletes choose from the coaching plan that works best for them – Ultimate Coaching, Premium Coaching or the Quarterly Online Coaching programs. Coaching is very personal and you should LOVE your Coach.  That is why we have no contracts or minimum time that you need to commit to coaching.

You signed up for Ironman, now what? Do an Iron Foundation Coaching Consultation.

Optimize your training with a plan that fits YOU!
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This one-on-one training consultation with Coach Lauren will allow you to outline the training that you need to be doing now and up until 24 weeks pre-race, when the true Ironman training begins.

Lauren works with you to collaboratively create a training plan that will be time efficient, specific, and tailored to your personal strengths, weaknesses, and lifestyle. She will teach you what you can and should be doing right now to create the proper base that allows you to realize your potential without unnecessary time inputs during the off-season. You will also receive a customized strength training program that helps minimize injury risk.

Registration Details

Consultation fee- $325

Contact Coach Lauren to setup your Iron Foundation Consultation.